Google Docs – Auto Error Detection In Feature Enabled

The day from which Google launched its tool for mobile i.e. Google Documents, every day it is trying to improve it in one way or the other like just after the day of the release of this tool a major problem was resolved. Now they have improved Google Documents which can be used on laptop by introducing some new features. In this post I will be telling you about the new features which has been introduced and I will also tell you that how are they very much useful.


This new feature can be named as Auto correction, now when you will type anything in your document then Google Document will detect the error and then is will give you certain options to correct it. Now this might not be that new but it was an essential feature. Another new feature which has been added is known as ‘Preferences’ now this is something which will help to type very easily. There are certain symbol and parameters which are supposed to be typed in a different format. Let us take an example, if you are a technical writer and you always use some of the complex symbols to define some of the parameters, then this feature will really help.

You will have to add a certain combination of alphabets which will represent a different symbol, you can see in the snapshot shown above that what does (c) signify?? As soon as you type this combination of characters you will get this ‘©’ on your screen. Similarly you can different parameters as per your convenience in the preference table which is available in the Tool option in Google Documents. These two newly introduced features will really help the user to increase their speed while typing.

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