Google Chrome Will Ask When You Close All Tabs In Current Browser Session

Hello Readers!!! Today I will be sharing a great news with all of you and this news will help you if you are a user of Google Chrome. There was a major turn-off which always existed in Google Chrome that it never asks before exiting that whether you really want to exit the session or not and so it happened many a times that while cancelling a tab or creating a new tab you must have closed the whole session accidentally. But now this annoying and irritating problem has been resolved with the help of an extension. In this post I will be telling you about that extension as it not only creates the alert dialogue box before exiting the browser but it will also help you to perform other features which are important for a standard browser. That is why it has been named as Chrome Toolbox.


You can just click the link mentioned below and then you will be directed to the page from where you can install this extension. After installing this extension Google Chrome will always ask whenever you are exiting your browser. Despite of this feature you will be able to allot a particular tab for a URL, in other works I should say that that particular URL will always open in a different tab.

You can also mark certain bookmarks to be opened simultaneously in a single click under a separate window or I should say that if you want then a whole session will start for you with a single click. You can also make the tab to be closed or opened by a double click or opening a new tab as soon as the last tab is closed by customizing the tab behavior. Similarly other feature includes the comparison of the shortcuts to the links and few more. So, this tool box is the complete package of all the features which will help you to work with more comfort on this browser. I think it was a great step taken for improving the performance of this browser as they have removed all the major turn offs from this.

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Google Chrome Toolbox

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