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Just like facebook, twitter is also one of the most popular social networking site. Many of us will have an account on it and definitely some of them will be a twitter addict for sure. These users stay on the twitter all day just to keep themselves updated. Some of them like to keep telling their followers what they are doing at each instance of time or some like the other way round that is they want to be updated what others are doing.

So, considering these users, there is an extension of Google chrome called Twitter Notifier which brings new tweet notifications to your desktop.

Twitter Notifier is a smart extension which uses Twitter’s streaming API which provides tweets, DMs and @replies instantly and definitely faster than most desktop clients. When you will install this extension, it will ask you the access to the data on and your browsing history. You just have to click ‘install’.


It will only create problem when run in incognito window because Google chrome will not be able to prevent this extension to save the browsing history in incognito window. So, take care of it.

Within a few seconds, it will be installed and will open a new tab to ask you to allow this extension to connect to your twitter account. You just have to enter your username and password of your twitter account and its done.

NOTE: You need not to enter your username or password into the extension itself, so your account details are completely secure.

Now, this extension will provide you the tweet notifications on your desktop outside of the browser window even if is not open. You can also use the extension to retweet, favorite, and even reply to tweets right from the extension.


The extension also provide some of the settings in the ‘options’ to help user make the extension work according to his/her need. You can choose whether to get notifications of tweets, mentions or direct messages by just marking the desired one. You can also set the timeout of the notifications.


In short, it is a nice extension which will help twitter users stay updated without being on twitter all day. :)

Download Twitter Notifier

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