Google Chrome The Webpage Page Not Available Gets More Descriptive

Just found out that the google chrome not found page shown by default gets more informative and descriptive so that in case you are not able to find out why the webpage not opening in your browser, it gives you the step by step instructions to find the issue behind the problem.

Following are the instructions given on webpage not available.

The server at can’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the web service that translates a website’s name to its internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Reload this web page later.
  • Check your internet connection. Reboot any routers, modems, or other network devices you may be using.
  • Check your DNS settings. Contact your network administrator if you’re not sure what this means.
  • Try disabling DNS prefetching by following these steps: Go to Wrench menu > Options > Under the Hood and deselect "Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance."
  • Try adding Google Chrome as a permitted program in your firewall or antivirus software’s settings. If it is already a permitted program, try deleting it from the list of permitted programs and adding it again.
  • If you use a proxy server, check your proxy settings or check with your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working.
  • If you don’t believe you should be using a proxy server, try the following steps: Go to Wrench menu > Options > Under the Hood > Change proxy settings > LAN Settings and deselect "Use a proxy server for your LAN."

Same you can see in the screenshot below

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