Google Chrome Supported Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Now a days we all have an account on Facebook, all of us like to share our lives, views with our friends and therefore we update comments and photos on Facebook. Now I have a tool for you that will help you in retrieving all your photos from Facebook in one go including all the Photos and the albums with just a click of a button. The software is free and is installed as an add on in your Google chrome browser called Photo Live.

PhotoLive 1

After installing of the add on in the browser when you will reopen your Facebook account you will see a button  on the right hand side of the search box which says PhotoLive. You just have to click on that button and all the pictures included in all the albums will get automatically downloaded to default download location of the browser. Using this software you can download the photos from not only your Facebook account but also your friends Facebook account. The important things to not about this free software is that you can only download the photos that you are able to see in the webpage you wont be able to download the photos that you don’t have permission to download.

PhotoLive is a very secure software it doesn’t keep track of what you are downloading from where you are downloading moreover the software doesn’t even have any store your photos somewhere else on the server which can cause their misuse so it’s a totally secure software no caching of the photos are done. In a way the PhotoLive is a very secure software that offers you a very easy way to download all the pictures in the form of albums from your Facebook account or your friends Facebook account. The software doesn’t even collect any information about you from the website regarding any downloads you have done from your account or your friend’s account. The software is very hassle free as you don’t have ant any separate logins for it you only have to login with your account into your social networking account and you are set to go.

The photos can also be downloaded by Picasa and transported to Google+ using Picasa Web.

Download PhotoLive.

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