Google Chrome Screenshot Capture Extension

Google is really concerned about its users and that is the reason it keeps on adding something new every day without a gap. Google added an extension for its browser Google Chrome and this extension is for taking the snapshot of a webpage. So in short I should say that if you are working on Google Chrome and you want to remember about a particular advertisement which was there on a page, then you can take the snapshot of that webpage without the help of any tool just install this extension in your browser and then you take snapshot as per your convenience. In this post I will be telling you about the feature of this new extension and how can you use this extension.


I will be providing you the link to this extension and then you will just have to press install button which will install it on your browser. It will download the CRX file of around 100 KBs and then after getting installed it will appear in the same way as you can see in the snapshot shown above. It is very simple to use and one of the most attracting feature of this tool is that it wisely understands the page and if there is any advertisement on the page which is floating on the page then it will just capture it one and then ignore it while scrolling down that webpage.


If you want to use this extension then just click that icon which is highlighted in the first snapshot and then you will see a screen similar to the one shown in that snapshot above this paragraph. You can see the options in two categories few of them are on the right side and some of them are on the left side. The options available on the right side will help you save the screenshot in the GIF file format or you can copy it, if you want then you can even edit that screenshot for your own convenience.

Please use this extension and then let us know about any problem faced while using it or if you discover any new feature with this extension then please write about it in the comments section. We will be glad to share it on your account keep reading and have a nice day.

Install Screen Capture Extension

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