Google Chrome – Remove Download Traces Of Files In Download History

Google Chrome is a great browser, it lets you browse the way you want to like when ever you like to visit a webpage without others letting know about it, you can use google chrome private aka incognito mode. To switch to incognito mode in google chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+N and or you can read the tutorial here which tells you how to open a link in new window and another post on one button click switch in google chrome here

Similarly you can remove the traces of the a file you download in google chrome, follow the procedure below to know how, the steps below applies when you have downloaded a file but you don’t want others to know about it who are using google chrome on the same computer after you.

1. Open or run google chrome

2. Press Ctrl + J to see the download history

3. Now in order to remove a file downloaded entry from the download history, click the link which says Remove from the list for the files you would like to remove from the downloaded list of files.

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Tip: There is another way to prevent others know about what did you downloaded in google chrome, that is do all the downloading in incognito aka private browsing mode in google chrome in which no traces of downloading or browsing are recorded.

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