Google Chrome OS Tablet Coming Soon This Year

How can you expect that all the other firms will let apple to maintain its monopoly in the market of Tablet PCs and Google, HTC and Verizon have stepped forward to introduce a tablet PC which will be competing with iPad from November. By the name of Google and HTC one will obviously think that the OS on which the system will be operating will be Android as the evidences can bee seen from the past products releases which include a smart phone known as Nexus One and this phone was based on Android OS and again this time HTC will be building the Chrome OS for the tablet PC.

Now if you will take a glance at the image then you can observe that how beautiful it is. This time also the Operation System Chrome has been developed by HTC and they have partnered with Verizon which is the best mobile service provider in United States of America. We have been waiting for a long time and specially the geeks and i think they were just waiting for the right time to release the product as if they would have been more late then the holiday period would have been over and then all the eyes were supposed to be set on the next release of iPad2 by Apple. Lets see how much can it take on Apple iPad.


The product release date is on the black Friday that it, 26th November 2010 and then it is the busiest day for the shopping at United States and they have also thought of releasing the product at a reasonable price for its high sales. Now, as far as the hardware configuration goes then this tablet PC was given a platform of Nvidia Tegra 2 platform, the RAM will be of 2 GB, the minimum hardisk capacity will be of 32 GB and i suppose that the data will be transferred or the capacity can be increased by other memory cards, other normal features like bluetooth and wireless LAN connectivity will be there.

Now, We must tell you that all the above mentioned hardware configuration has not been mentioned by the Google but all these information has been attained by blindly following Download Squad. I hope that Google will not let us down. So i know that all you geeks out there will be going mad about PC and want to lay your hands as soon as possible

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