Google Chrome Operating System Getting Revealed On December 7

Hey!!! Google might be launching Google Chrome OS on December 7. When they mentioned that due to the release of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the launch of Google Chrome OS will be delayed then I thought that they might be launching it on the third or fourth month of the next year, but now it’s a great surprise as Google is going to conduct an event on its Chrome OS on December 7th, 2010 at San Francisco. In this news post I will be telling you that what we can really expect from that event.


This event has been organized by Chrome team so we can obviously expect that they will be introducing us to Chrome OS, this OS developed for today’s netbooks, during the announcement of this product last year in July, they mentioned that this product will be developed keeping in mind about the need of the smart netbooks in the present era. This OS will be an Open Source product and they also mentioned that they will be emphasizing on the reduced time to boot and the reduced start up time.

We can also expect Google to launch their notebook equipped with Google Chrome OS and do not forget about the launch of Google App Store/ Chrome Web. Now it is the time for Microsoft to prepare for a severe completion in the market, almost everybody is addicted to Windows now a days but let’s see what will Google Chrome OS, moreover when they are launching it as an Open Source (atleast I am going to be the one who will be using it for sure). I really do have lots of expectations from Google and I know that they will not let their users down.

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