Google Chrome Notification When Someone Changes Your Google Docs You Shared

With the latest advancements in technology and with new inventions, people are coming closer to each other and the number of methods and ways in which people can communicate and share their documents is really increasing. One of such technology which was introduced by Google has really spread like a fire in the jungle and nowadays large number of users are accessing this fine technology of Google Docs. As we all know that, Google Docs is an excellent way to collaborate, through which not only can you share a document with multiple people but you can share multiple documents with multiple people and that too without any complexity. It provides you the facility through which you may modify the document anytime and that too along with all the other people which are having access to that particular document.

But, what if you are waiting for some other person to modify or update the document. In this case, you might have to keep checking that document in order to see if the document has been changed or not. This will surely affect your other task and work which you are doing. So, for such scenario you need to have something which can alert you on each and every change/update on the document. We here present you with a nice and small utility which has been specially developed to serve this above mentioned purpose.

WatchDoc is basically a small, light weight yet very useful Chrome extension that monitors all your documents present with Google Docs and notifies you whenever there is a modification in any of your document that you have shared with others.


You may download this extension in few and simple steps through the link given below. After downloading it in your computers you may feel that the extension adds a small document like icon, next to the URL bar and whenever any document present in the Google Docs is modified by any of the member who has access to it, a small number appears in red on the icon showing the number of modifications made to a document and thus the user may check it instead of checking it again and again. This process repeats and each time someone modifies and saves changes, the extension records it as a single modification. Although, the number which is shown on the browser only shows how many times documents have been modified and not how many documents have been modified. So, for each and every document it will show the number whenever it is modified by any of its users.


Now, in order to go into more detailed info such as in order to view who’s modified a document, click extension icon and a pop-up will tell you who has made a change to a shared document which may prove to be very useful depending upon the context in which it is being used. So, overall we can say that it is a pretty small extension but still it is an effective way of monitoring Google Docs for changes without visiting Google Docs over and over again which in turn will save your time and energy for some other tasks.

Install WatchDoc Extension For Chrome

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