Google Chrome – How To Install Web Apps From Chrome Web Store

Chrome web store has been launched now and its up and running fine, you can easily install apps from chrome web store just in single click just like you might have done earlier to install google chrome extensions. Chrome web store looks much like iTunes store when it comes to look and feel, in order to install chrome os apps in google chrome you will need to update it to version 8 or above.

In order to install these apps you need to visit the chrome os web store here and then click to select the app you want to install and then click the install button as shown in the image below.

12-8-2010 11-39-39 AM 

Once the apps is installed in your google chrome browser it will start showing up in new tab, as shown in the image below.

12-8-2010 11-32-05 AM

Some of the chrome os apps installed will be just a link to a website like google news, but still they are useful as you don’t need to type the address of the google news in your browser, on the other hand the weather app I installed seems to be really impressive, looks like there are lot more cool apps on the way once it grows and chrome os netbook comes to market.

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