Google Chrome Got In Built PDF Reader With In Browser

We all know that PDF format is highly used among the documents as we consider it safe and secure because making amendments in those files is somewhat tedious. Generally all the files in which you do not want to make any amendment and you also do not want that anyone else should have any right to make any amendment then we try to convert that document file in the PDF format and most of the files on internet like tutorials are generally found in the PDF format. In this post I will be telling you about the inline PDF reader which has been developed in the new version of the Google Chrome and I hope that it will be really helpful for all the users.


Initially you must have observed that whenever you have tried to view a PDF file in the browser then the acrobat reader which is installed on your system opens up in your browser and then you are able to see that PDF file. In other words I should say that you must have not observed the PDF reader which is already equipped in the browser, it always uses the reader which is already installed on your system. But Google Chrome decided to make a change not it will introducing an inline PDF reader and it will display the PDF file available online by its own reader, this is supposed to be available by the next release of its version.

As you can see the snapshot in which the Google browser is displaying the PDF files on its own. So next time you need not to care whether you have already installed a PDF reader on your system or not, you can view it in Google Chrome. We will try our best to keep you updated with all the other new features which are going to be introduced in the new version of Google Chrome and I hope that it will be a good package. Meanwhile if you get to know anything related to this news which has not been covered by us then you please let us know by writing it in the comments section and if we found it genuine, then we will glad to share it with our other readers on your behalf. So, till then keep reading and have a nice day!!!.

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