Google Chrome Free SMS Sending Extension All Over India

There are many websites which are used to send the SMSs for free, and then most of them are annoying as when you go to visit the page then you will find annoying ads sections roaming on the page making it really difficult for you to do the needful. Indirectly you will have to go through many sections of ads which spoil most of your time. Instead of doing this, I have a better option for all the users who love to use these types of websites. Sending SMS from a website is nothing but a web-service offered by that website and we all know that these web services can be used in form of extensions and add-ons for the browser.


I know that how annoying it becomes when one tries to send an SMS from 160by2. Most of the sites will never want to create an extension as the purpose of ads will be defeated. But I will tell you about an extension for Google Chrome Browser with the help of which you will not have to go to any webpage to send an SMS online. You can do so by just making a click over the icon on the toolbar of the browser and then after logging in with your credentials you can send an SMS with the help of that extension. Everything will be done in that small window, nothing will go out of it and the best part is that you will not come across any type of ads. The best part about the extension is that you can send the SMS anywhere in the world from India.

The link to the extension has been mentioned below. Just click that link and then you will be taken to a page as mentioned above in the screenshot, after that you will have to register or if you have already registered then you can login and then you will see a web page as posted in the top of the post. Give the number and write the message and then send it to that number. It is quite simple to use and this extension is of smsloop. We have already used it on the latest version of Chrome, please let us know if you face any problem while using it.

SMSLoop Extension

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