Google Chrome – Force Restore Opened Tabs After Crashed Browser Session On Start

There are times when you are working on some large number of tabs in google chrome but suddenly you see the message prompt that google chrome browser has been hanged and not responding and it needs to get restarted, so you selected the option to restart it, but when it restarted it does not show up or open tabs those were previously opened in the last browser session.

In such a case you can apply this little trick we had already written recover the tabs after a crashed browser session in google chrome, another way to restore previously opened tabs in google chrome is to press the restore button when google chrome is restarted after a crashed browser session as shown in the image below.

12-10-2010 12-05-48 AM

Just in case if you missed pressing the restore button on restoration pop up message in google chrome, you can still find the previous opened tabs in google chrome history by pressing Ctrl+H and then open the tabs from the browsing history, but this method will work only if you haven’t cleared the google chrome browsing history.

One more way to restore or reopen the previous tabs irrespective the browser is crashed or not is add a parameter in the google chrome browser shortcut at your desktop or else where. Add the parameter at the right end of the google chrome shortcut target as shown in the image below.

12-10-2010 12-16-28 AM 

For Example in my case the final shortcut target path after adding the parameter is given below.

C:\Users\abhi\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –restore-last-session

When ever you start google chrome with this shortcut on your desktop now, will automatically open the last opened tabs taken from previous session, or you can easily set the simple setting in google to open the last re open tabs in google chrome

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