Google Chrome Extension To Reload All Tabs Without Restarting

Previously we had posted about how to reload all tabs in any browser, but google chrome at that time does provide this option, But Reload all tabs is recently released extension for google chrome which allows you to reload all tabs in google chrome, this add on full fills a major requirement in google chrome after installing the extension you can quickly reload all opened tabs by pressing the default shortcut key ctrl + shift + r.

reload all tabs

It does provides following of these options too in google chrome.

– Keyboard shortcut to reload tabs is binded as Ctrl + Shift + R
– To reload all tabs in all the windows you can enable it in Options.
– Customizing keyboard shortcut it in Options.

– Once first installed, it will "reload" all tabs, this is needed for content scripts.
– Once you enable this extension after you disabled it, it will reload all tabs.
– Keyboard shortcut does not currently work when you are in a chrome specific
   page such as (extensions, newtab, downloads, history, version, etc).

– Allow reloading chrome specific pages (Extension API doesn’t allow that)
– Allow reloading crashed tabs. (Extension API doesn’t allow that).
– Have a "Reload all tabs" context menu item. (Extension API will have that in M5)
– Implement auto-reloading feature using a slick UI.

Install Reload All Tabs In Google Chrome | Other Google Chrome Add ons

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