Google Chrome Clearly Tells If The Website You Are Trying To Open Is Down

Recently a new feature of Google Chrome was observed, you can say that this feature might be one of the new features in the new updates of the browser. Sometimes, it happens that when you browse on a website and it might not response, now it has got two reasons either there is problem with your internet connection, internet browser, internet connection settings or that site is actually down for a while. In this post we will let you know that how can you get to know about the problem without using any of the tool or extension.

Before going further let me tell you that this solution will work only with Google Chrome. Now when you will logon to a website and if your Google Chrome browser shows a message quoting that “others are also facing problems while connecting to these sites.”, then it simply means that the server is already down. Most of the times when our browser is not able to connect to the website then we either start deleting the cache and checking the internet connections or we might start to try other browsers on our systems, but this irritates us and it also consumes some considerable amount of time.

So, if you have got the latest Google Chrome then you will not have to go for trying all the previous tricks, as this is most convenient way to get to know about the sites which are down. I hope that you liked this remedy for this problem. If you got a better solution related to this problem, then please let us know about it, as till date for me this one is the best. Please put your comments about this solution.

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