Google Chrome – Android Robot Theme [ Green ]

Many of us have a habit of personalizing their things from their working seat to their phone and more. I am also one of them. While doing it, one thing is common among the people which is they try to make the things which suits their personality and likings for example, if a person is a football player and is passionate about it then, you can notice that his phone themes and desktop wallpapers will definitely be related to football only.

Also, if a person has an android phone then, he might look for a theme related to that. So, considering it, there is an extension of Google chrome called Robot Theme which is normally a theme inspired by Android for chrome users.

Robot theme is an unofficial Android – inspired theme for Windows, Mac and Linux. When you will install it, it will change your chrome instantly. You do not have to restart the chrome for its execution. The theme is very closely inspired from Android and presents a beautiful and cool background when you will open a new tab. The working tab color will be different from other opened tabs to make the identification easy. Here is the look of the installed theme.


The color combination of the theme is quite attractive. And, it is tested on chrome 6.0+. It will be a very popular theme among the people who uses Android phones and are really interested in having a theme related to it.

But for the users who do not like it and have just installed it for trying it out, there is an option of reverting back to their default theme by going in the option Google Chrome options > Personal Stuff and there click ‘ Restore to default theme’ and its done. You are now back to your default theme.

For your knowledge, this Android Robot theme for Google chrome perfectly fits the Gmail android theme. Check out yourself and have a nice day…!!!

Download Robot Theme

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