10 Google Chrome Addons for Social Networking/ Bookmarking Sites

Google Chrome is getting good share in browsers market where Firefox and Internet Explorer are main players. Google is continuously tweaking the code and adding more features to Chrome which is already a fast, clean and highly tweakable browser. After Google has added extension support to Chrome, it has given users a green light on installing third party addons.

Here is a list of some very useful addons for Google Chrome for social networking and social bookmarking users.


Twitter Share This Page

This cool addon adds a little ‘twitter share’ button in the address bar. Clicking this button will take you to your twitter updates page with pre filled page title and link to the page (the long URLs are automatically shortened by bit.ly). If you have a browser tab with twitter signed in already, it will use this existing tab to deliver the update. Get this addon to quickly update your followers with links you like, you do not need to write page title or get your link tailored now.

Get Twitter share this page

Delicious Bookmarks Extension

Delicious Bookmarks is official Chrome extension for Delicious that integrates your bookmarks with Chrome and keeps them in sync for easy and convenient access. Delicious ‘TAG’ button enables you to save your bookmarks and you can search your bookmarks using Google Chrome Omnibar. Also remember to use ‘Options’ button for extension to synchronize your bookmarks and make sure ‘Enable syncing of bookmarks’ is checked. This is a cool addon for Delicious users.

Get Delicious Bookmarks


An addon for YouTube users who have slow internet connections, it provides ‘smart buffer’ for slow connections auto loop and other capability to make a better YouTube experience. It also works with all embedded videos. The videos can start on your preferences (when page loads, when video is buffered completely or when video is buffered to a certain percentage). This addon also calculates time remaining before the videos starts playing (hover the mouse over YouTube video to get this), Altogether, have a battery YouTube experience using this extension in your Chrome.

Get MyTube

Facebook Photo Zoom

Facebook Photo Zoom is a simple but very useful extension for Facebook users. It allows you to see the photos from your feed without going through the albums, viewing larger profile photo of your friends without previewing their profiles. The extension ingrates directly in Facebook and enables you to hover on a zoomable image to zoom in to see a larger image of it without clicking on it. The addon is pretty famous and being used by loads of Facebook users.

Get Facebook Photo Zoom


This light weight Twitter client addon allows you to post tweets and follow your timeline. You can also use other features of Twitter using this extension including direct messages, mentions, favorites, shortening links, retweets, replies to tweets, lists, quote tweets and pretty much all other features that you enjoy on web. The addon is very light and a great way to be on twitter all the time.

Get Tweetings

URL Shortener

This cool addon enables you to shorten the long URLs so that you can post them on Twitter, copy to clipboard etc. The affiliate URLs can also be changed using this addon. The best part about this addon is that it has a long list of almost all available URL shortening services. You can choose your favorite one from options including Bit.Ly, Goo.gl, Tr.Im, TinyURL and many others. There is also an option to copy the title of the page so that you do not need to write anything while posting the URL on twitter.

You can also use tweet this button that will shorten the URL and tweet it with the title of the page.

Get URL Shortener

Facebook Styler

This addon gives Facebook users to customize the Facebook as they wish. It enables to hide sidebar, top menu buttons, footer and also do some other stuff including removing facebook ads, highlight today’s event, Top and Bottom Menu Transparency, Custom Application Filter, Photo overlay etc. It gives you capability to change lots of things in Facebook that you wanted to change from a while and yes, it works on new layout.

Get Facebook Styler

Digg for Chrome

This little addon is official Digg extension for Chrome. It is very useful as it shows you what is happening on Digg and what is being shared. It sits on the right of browser’s address bar and displays the digg count of the URL. Clicking this gives information about the title of page and you can digg it remotely. There are several ways to share a URL including Twitter, Email and Facebook. The random button allows you to discover new content on digg. Altogether, a nice little addon for Digg lovers.

Get Digg for Chrome


StumbleUpon addon is one of the best ways to discover great websites on web. There are 500 topics to choose from and this extension discovers best content from web related to that topic. Current features including Stumbling, Reviewing, Rating and Sharing. The developer is working on adding more and more features to make it provide best SU experience and the addon has some pretty good comments.

Get StumbleUpon

Facebook Chat Emoticons

Facebook Chat Emoticons adds icons to easily use emoticons in Facebook. The emoticon images are saved internally enabling chat to open faster. This is version 4 of the addon which is faster, easy to use and comes with many more emoticons to use during your Facebook chat. Loads of Facebook users are using this extension and the feedback is amazing.

Get Facebook Chat Emoticons

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