Google Chrome 8 Build Released

Again Google news for you and this time it is Google Chrome Internet Browser. Google Chrome has always been appreciated for its higher speed but simultaneously experts have been criticizing it for its worst security features and lots of missing features. Google recently launched the stable build of Google Chrome 8 and they have also mentioned that this build has been revised and it is equipped with 800 bug and security fixes. In this post I will be telling some of its great features and how it is exactly different from Google Chrome 7.


So, Google Chrome 8 is finally out and this time you can also view the PDF files inside the browser. You will be able to view the PDF files because of the inbuilt PDF reader in this version of Google Chrome. Before proceeding further let me tell you that there is no need to worry even if that PDF file contains any malicious script then this new version will not let that script to do any harm top your computer and it will restrict it to that page. If you feel that there is something suspicious there then you can kill that particular tab and the whole sessions will not be lost or in short I should say that the browser will not crash. Several other measures have also been taken so that browser should run freely without any problem and hence you should not lose your work flow while working on this browser.

By updating this new version with lots of bug fixes they also made sure that the speed should increase, in other words they mentioned that this new build will be offering double speed as compared to the previous version of the browser.

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