Google Calendar – Set Different Start & End Time Zone For An Event

There are times when you are travelling from one country to another you are going to attend some event at both of these places but both of these countries have different time zone, for such cases google calendar has got new feature of per event time zone which means you can specify a different time zone as per event in google calendar, moreover you can also set different start event and end event time zones too as shown in the image below.

12-9-2010 11-23-54 AM

In order to configure time zone for a event you just need to go to the specific google calendar event details and then click the time zone link and once you have configured it, you will see a specific different times for start and end of the event.

12-9-2010 11-27-13 AM

So, now google calendar allows you to have a time zone specified for an event happening in your google calendar Smile this is one of the most awaited feature now launched for all the google calendar users like me.

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