Google Calendar Quick Event Insertion, Addition [Android]

Android is emerging as a wonderful smart phone operating system and is extremely potent to compete and astonish other operating systems in the market. But being an amazing OS does not mean that every feature of it is as handy and easy to use as the others.

Google Calendar is one of the very services of Google and is very helpful when it comes to managing reminders for events that you need to remember. Despite being one of the best services from Google, the number of fields to be filled before the application saves even simple event like that of a meeting, can turn out to a distraction since it is not hassle free at all.

Before you end up entering the last field so that the event could be saved, you might deviate from the actual purpose and it has happened with me once and with many others, I bet. The best solution for this has come up with another application called as Quick Event, a 4.5 star rated one on Android Market and is there for free.

The best part about the application is that the required parameters like date, time duration, location etc can be extracted from the very text you enter as the title for the event. To make you understand I would give you an example where I have created an event of my friend’s birthday on 20th July in Delhi and to let the the application extract the details I have entered the following text: “Friend’s birthday on July 20 @ Delhi”



Being an intelligent application, it automatically extracts the date and location of the event as depicted in the above image. You just need to follow a convention to help the app do its job. The initial words will be taken as the heading of the event, the month and date after the word on is taken as the date and the word after the @ is entered as the location. Few more examples for your understanding are listed below:

  • Family dinner @Mom’s every Sunday at 7pm
  • Meeting with Joe tomorrow at 9
  • Buy milk @5pm. reminder 30 minutes
  • Test from Monday to Friday
  • Another test from mon until fri
  • Play basketball w/ Mark 10/10 weekly

If you are thinking that it will function a separate application then let me inform you about the capability of the application to sync with your Google Calendar and once you hit the Ok button after entering the text in the app, it will be entered in your Google Calendar right away.


The reminder duration and default reminder can also be set from the settings menu and if you wish to edit the rest of the fields then you can do it from the app itself by pressing the Edit button which is right next to OK one, or you can jump to your Google calendar and edit the event from there.

I believe its hard to see such intelligent applications very often so I would recommend you to download it and make the job of adding events hassle free.

Download Quick Event – [Android Market] [ Via Lifehacker ]


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