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Google Calendar is one such easy to use tool which allows you to organise, manage your meetings and events easily, but in order to use it you would need to open in your Internet browser. We have already written a tip on how sync windows 7 calendar with google calendar, today we will tell you about free google calendar desktop tool called GMinder which lets you manage events in google calendar directly through its interface.

GMinder – is a reminder program that waits in your system tray and alerts you when you have an upcoming Google Calendar event. GMinder supports multiple calendars and allows you to configure how you want to be alerted. Since it downloads your events, it works offline and enables you to preview your agenda of events. New events can be added to your Google Calendars using a Quick Add feature.


Once this program is installed, you can double click the system tray icon of this program to see the current and future events scheduled in GMinder. Moreover you can quickly add tasks and event in google calendar by right clicking the system tray icon of this application and select Add Event


Now type about your event with message and day it will added automatically to google calendar.


Following are some key features this google calendar desktop tool

  • Refresh rate - How often GMinder will check online for changes to your calendars
  • Preload - How many days into the future GMinder will download events for
  • Test connectivity before downloading events – If events will not download even if your calendars can be downloaded, then disable this option because ECHO is probably disabled on your network (possibly blocked by your admin).
  • Always on top - Force the Reminder window to always display on top of all other windows
  • Future – Set the background color for events that are in the future
  • Soon – Events that are soon are about to start
    • Popup – Show the reminder window when an event will start soon
    • Sound – Play a sound when an event will start soon
    • Minutes – How many minutes before an events start you want to be alerted
  • Now – Events that are currently in progress
    • Popup – Show the reminder window when an event starts
    • Sound – Play a sound when an event starts
  • Past – Events that have ended
    • Dismiss – Automatically dismiss (remove) events after they end
  • Sound – Change the sound that plays during an alert

Note: You can add and merge google calendar from multiple google accounts.

Download GMinder

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