Google Buzz Will Be Shown In Left Sidebar In Gmail

Frankly speaking that in very rare cases I would have touched the Google Buzz option in my Gmail account. The answer is simple, that if you have Facebook account opened in another tab and Twitter in another, then who would take the pain to be familiar with buzz. It takes some time for all of us to be familiar with any of the feature available on internet. But I will bet you all that if Google Buzz is available on the screen of our mails then slowly and slowly, we will become a part of it and this is the news which I will be posting today. Google has decided that in no time all the users will be seeing their Buzz on the right hand side of the inbox.


Initially that section was used to display advertisements, but now they have decided to use that area by introducing the Google buzz section there. I will comment that this was a very common and smart decision made by Google as from now onwards Buzz will always be there in front of our eyes and thus it will take no time for many of us to be familiar with it. The users who were already in touch with this feature will have an ease to use it now.

It has been informed through various sources, it was confirmed that some of the testers have already got this feature enabled for their accounts. But lets see when we will lay our hands on it. I am really too eager to do so.  Now we will say a set of conversation and status of many of our friends on the left side of inbox which will quite similar to the wall post made on Facebook on the left side of your inbox.

At least I am among the people who will be glad to see this change and if we come across any new updates related to this news then we will update the post in no time. As you might have seen that we have been we generally cover all the news and updates related to Microsoft, Google and Apple. but if you come across any update which has not been mentioned here then please go for putting it down in the comments sections. We will be glad to share with the rest of our readers. Enjoy and Have a nice day!!!

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