Google Buzz Should Not End Like Google Wave – Some Life Saver Ideas For Buzz

Recently google announced that they are stopping the further development on google wave, I was so sad after hearing the news, but when I gave a thought about the possible reason why it got closed and did not get enough attention, was because it does not appeal to a normal user, the cons could have been difficult to understand its use, complex interface, not enough help and major one how it could be useful in different ways to any one on web.


Google Buzz is another promising service launched by google some time back, which is much like twitter service, where you can post you status updates, you can also post photos, videos and more or just start conversations about the things you find interesting. But as per figures, google buzz seems to have a 1 million active user base which is still not enough for a service like this to sustain, In such a case google buzz may also end some day just like google wave, but as a buzz user I don’t want it to happen, so here are some suggestions to google from my end for google buzz.

Below are some of the ideas which came to my mind to make google buzz more effective and successful for google

1. Out Of Inbox – The first foremost thing google should do is to move google buzz out of gmail inbox, for a reason that people while reading mails are more concentrated towards the mails in their inbox, as they are more worried about not to miss an important mail rather than posting some update on google buzz. Moving buzz out of gmail inbox would increase more attention over the service being used than be busy with some other thing, so they would be using buzz more effectively if it out of their gmail inbox. It could be made available at with the same google account password.

2. Keep It Connected With Existing Gmail Contacts But Outside – When people use google buzz, on a different web page they should still be able to be in touch with all those people who are following them.

3. Official Desktop Client For Google Buzz - If google buzz team could release an official google buzz client with which people can chat with their other friends on google buzz, it will entice more users to use google buzz to use it and communicate in real time with google buzz client.

4. Non Friends At Google Buzz – There should be some thing like non friend accounts on google buzz, so that people just follow each other even when they are not in each other contact list with out any information leak about any of the user like email id. Just google profile thing but in anonymous mode with very less info available unless both are gmail contacts to others.

PS: These are all my thoughts on how to save life of google buzz, hopefully some one from google will like them or might want to apply, I would more than happy to make my contribution to make google buzz live fore ever Smile

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