Google Buzz Desktop Application

Google Buzz Desktop is a adobe air based desktop client to buzz from desktop using this application without opening gmail, it emulates iphone version of google buzz. So it will work in the same way as you use the web app of google buzz from iphone safari browser.


We have written a complete guide to use the google buzz web app on iphone, so we would suggest you to read it so that you can use this desktop app for google buzz without any difficulties.

Following are some other features of this app

  • It Updates the latest buzzes every 2 minutes
  • Emulates iPhone version of Buzz on this adobe air based desktop software
  • Works on any platform/browser.

As this is just an emulation of the iphone web app so geo location features does not work in this app, you would need to use the google map updated version on symbian phone and iphone for using the geo location feature.

Download Google Buzz Desktop | Alternate Link [ Direct Link ] 

[ Source – SizzledCore ]

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