Google Books Downloader Program For Mac OS X

Google Books is a wonderful online tool for quickly previewing books, and for enthusiasts, browsing entire collections/libraries from a vast variety of authors, genres, and scopes. Google Books also hosts magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias. While Google Books are certainly a pleasure to read online, but a lot of people like to have offline copies of books to read when they do not have connectivity to the Internet, such as on mobile devices, tablets, and even laptops. Sadly, Google Books does not have a download option for books which are completely and freely available online.

To circumvent this limitation, you can use a freeware app called Google Book Downloader. Google Book Downloader allows you to download any book available on Google Books to your Mac, either as a PDF, or as a collection of JPG images.

The interface of the app is dead simple, you just have to enter the URL or book ID of a particular book, and Google Book Download will download it for you. A thing to note is that neither Google Book Downloader or any other app which downloads Google Books can circumvent the limitation of some books for which only selected pages are available. That is something enforced by the publisher of the books, and since they do not provide Google with the missing pages at all, no app can download those pages for you. In such cases, Google Book Downloader just downloads all available pages of the book, and puts them in order.

Once you’ve copied and pasted the URL or book ID of the book in the appropriate field in Google Book Downloader, just click the ‘Download’ button. You get a dialog where you can select the name of the book, the location where you want to store the book, and an option to store it as PDF or collection of JPG images. The drop down mentions that saving as a collection of JPGs will result in higher quality.

That’s pretty much it. Do note that the download process might take some time, even on an extremely fast connection, because Google Books forces a time-out to discourage people from mass downloading books from their site. The pages are downloaded as individual JPG images irrespective of the choice you made in the previous step, but if you selected PDF, in the second step, the images are combined to form a PDF.

Overall, Google Book Downloader works pretty well, but abusing it to download a lot of books simultaneously might result in your IP getting banned from Google Books.

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