Google April Fool Of 2011 Might Become Reality

Most of the Gmail users or I should say Google users were caught in that prank of April Fool by Google, their prank consisted of the new Google Motion and they mentioned that with the help of this new feature you will be able to control some of the operation sin your account with the help of the physical gestures. Once you arrive to that page, you will never realize that it is prank, as the release page feature also contains the YouTube videos supporting that feature. In this post I will mention an irony in respect to this prank.

Google Motion at ICT MxR Lab’s

By reading the title of that post you must have got an idea that Google Motions is no more a prank but this has been achieved in reality, the twist in the story is that Google is not the first one to achieve that feature rather, smart researchers at ICT they were the first one to get that prank converted into reality. They used the technology used in Microsoft Kinect Motion ability and thus they were able to put this feature in action.

They have named this project as SLOOW (Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving) and originally the setup of this application has been named as FAAST. We have also posted the video of this feature and moreover we have also posted the link of that tool so that you can get a feel of it. That is a real shock for Google as now someone has given a very thrashing reply to their ‘April Fool’ prank. Let us see that what Google has to say or to do in reply to this initiative by ICT.

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Download FAAST

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