Google Android Mobile Phones Feature Comparison Online Gallery Launched

Android, a well known Operating system developed by Google. I will definitely mention that initially this OS was found in very number of phones but as the times passed, people started loving it and by the consequences you can see that now a days Android platform is used in most of the mobile phones these days. Brands like Sony, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and few more have clubbed up with this OS and people have always shown their thumbs up for these phones in the market (no matter if they are out of the range of a common man).

Now when you want to go for a phone equipped with Android platform, then the only approach that comes in our mind is to visit each and every site of the different brand names and then you will note down the names of some of the selected phones. It really becomes tedious to search the phone by tripping to different websites for a common feature. I always wanted to get a complete list of phone which have common OS, as our search will become lot easier than before.


Need not worry any more as Google has taken a step forward and they have designed a website for the mobiles which have Android as their OS platform and consist of all the other Google applications for mobiles. Now in this website you can find all the cell phones whether they are of different make and different subscribers. But the only problem is that, it will not enlist the phones which are available in our country. As you can see from the snapshot shown above that there are three parameters on the left hand, which are subscriber’s name, the brand name and the name of the country in which they are available.

So, you can select your mobile phone from there, specially when you are interested in buying a phone which is completed handled by Google. I will comment that this was really a very good step taken by Google, as they generally do not concentrate more on the mobile services and gadgets. But still, it was a nice effort towards mobile freaks. We will try our best to keep you updated with this news. Meanwhile if you have any information which can be shared among other users then do not hesitate in doing so. Just put that down in the comments sections. We will be glad to share it. Have a Good Day!!!

You can visit the site at Google mobile

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