Google+ Android App Review & Features Explained

Google has been quietly working on promoting its all new social networking service Google+ and it is creating a lot of buzz over the world wide web. Today we will be reviewing the android application of Google+ in order to make you readers familiar with it before you actually download it. Initially when you install the application from Android Market where it is available for free, two icons will be added to your applications list, Google+ and Huddle.

Google+ icon will obviously launch the application while the Huddle icon is for accessing a messaging service, which is an integral part of the application but for the convenience of the user a separate launcher has been provided for it. When starting the application for the first time, it asks you for a Gmail account which will be there in the list on the very first page and in case one wishes to add another account then he or she may add one. Just tapping on the Gmail account and will add it and at the next step the app asks you to enable Instant Upload. This feature will automatically upload the pictures and videos from your phone to a Google+ private album from where the files of your choice could be shared with others.

Google Plus Social Networking Android

Not going much into details now we will start using the app which has five different sections on the main screen: Stream, Huddle, Photos, Profile, and Circles. Starting the explanation with Stream, this feature is similar to Facebook’s news feed where the updates, photos, videos and other stuff that has been shared with you by your friends are displayed. On the top right corner three icons are provided, the first one to share your location the second camera one to take or select a photo and the third to share your thoughts.

Google Plus Social Networking Android1

Huddle is the next feature that I will be explaining that surfaced in the above paragraphs. This is a messaging as well as a group chat service powerful enough to replace your default messaging app if all your friends are using Google+. The service is way too powerful that the built-in messaging app and offers push notifications, bulk messaging(with upto fifty people at once). Using it is no issue as one has to to choose a Circle(we will be explaining later), type the text and at the next screen with a few more additions the message will be sent.

Google Plus Social Networking Android3

Photos is the next section which is divided into four sub-sections with photos from your circles in the first section, photos of you in the second, your albums in the third and photos shared from your phone in the fourth and last section. The Profile section is where you add what you want to about yourself letting people know more of you. It is exactly similar to what you have been doing at all other popular websites where you add a picture of your first and then give a small description.

Google Plus Social Networking Android4

Circles is the part that must have sounded strange at first but now we will explain this as we have done the other four sections. This particular entity is the one displaying all the people on your list through categories like Friends, Family, Acquaintances etc. A division of the same called as People will be displayed at the bottom and tapping on it will show you the list of people you have added to a particular circle.

Google Plus Social Networking Android2

At the end we conclude that the app is really very interesting, neat and feature-rich. The more you explore it the better you will know.

Download Google+ Android – [Android Market]

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