Google Always Know About Your Location On Earth

Today I will be sharing a great news with you which will be new for you and I am sure that you might not be having any idea about it. Did you know that whenever you search anything on Google then Google knows where you are and then depending upon the location it gives you all the results related to that keyword. Google always know where you are, you can never hide your location from Google, it always knows that where you are.

Google feels that it is mandatory for him to know about your location because your search results depend upon your location. The efficiency of the results increases to a huge extent, once the location is known and that is the reason that Google has not provided any option to the users to turn off these location based services. Another reason may be the fact that once Google knows that where you are then it passes on that information to its advertisers so that they can reach you easily. It is almost analogous to the time which is automatically updated in your mobile. Whenever you change your location a new time-zone is detected automatically which can update the date and time on its own.

Google explains that for high-quality search these location based services are important as once Google knows about the location it can easily tell the location which can help you and which are near by you. This simply means that being an American you cannot search anything as a Russian, however if you desperately want to change the location then your domain for change will be the country itself, you cannot move out of it. This may be a disadvantage for you but we cannot help it and Google has no problem with it. On my personal view I would say that it would have been better if Google has allowed us to search from any point on Earth rather than separating it with the constraints of countries or continents.

We will try to keep you updated with the information related to this news and if meanwhile you get to know anything new related to this news then please let us know by putting it in the comments section. We will be glad to share it. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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