Google Allows To Auto-unsubscribe & Report Spam The Mails From Mailing List

Many times you may see the same type of mail in your inbox, again and again irrespective of how many times you ignore or delete it, Just noticed a great feature in gmail today which allowed me to auto unsubscribe from the mailing list and report spam also.

1-20-2011 11-53-06 AM

Just when I selected and click the report spam button as shown in the image above a pop up message appeared, which allowed me to unsubscribe and report spam these emails in single button click as shown in the image below.

1-20-2011 11-52-31 AM 

Similarly you can get rid of spam messages from different mailing list and groups where you email id is added. Keep in mind that mailing lists may take up to three days to process your unsubscription request, so it may take a few days for you to stop receiving mail from the list.

Also, please note that we are unable to provide the Unsubscribe option for all mailing lists. For your protection, Gmail won’t display Unsubscribe for lists that are known to be owned by spammers. When you don’t see the unsubscribe tool for a particular newsletter or mailing list that you trust, check the actual message for unsubscribe options, or try contacting the list owner about removal (you should only do this if the list owner is trustworthy and not a spammer).

PS: Google gmail is getting more smarter day by day by introducing these feature updates in the interface, I like it.

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