3 Quick Ways to Open Desktop while Running Windows 8 App in Full Screen

Windows 8 start screen UI or the modern UI is a new feature which looks cool but some times makes things more confusing than before as most of the old windows users are used to using the windows desktop which looks like has become more difficult to access in windows 8 now.

Today in this blog post we will tell you two easy and quick ways you can access windows 8 desktop. Now consider a scenario when you are using a windows 8 app which is running in full screen, you may feel little helpless to reach the desktop when you right click with mouse or close the windows 8 app, you reach the windows 8 start screen not the desktop and the universal shortcut that is Windows key + d does not work in windows 8 in the modern UI or when you are running app in full screen.

Now there can be 3 ways you can reach desktop quickly, read on further to find out.

Press Windows Key and Then Click The Desktop Tile

The first most easy way to reach the desktop is to press the windows key so that the metro app minimize and you see the windows 8 start screen where you can click the desktop tile.


Press ALT + Tab Key To Go Trough To Select the Desktop

Another way to go to desktop from windows 8 modern UI is to press the windows + tab and then keep the ALT key pressed but press and release the tab key you should be able to see desktop in the list as well.

Windows Task Swicther

Press Windows Key + Tab Key To Open Windows 8 Switcher

You can also reach the desktop from anywhere from any app in windows 8, you just need to press Windows + Tab key once and keep the Windows key pressed but press and release the tab key you should be able to see desktop in the list of task shown as thumbnails, click to select the same.



This is how you can reach window 8 desktop from anywhere while using windows 8 irrespective of what apps you are using. if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page through the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

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