Go Back To Previous Folder Entry In Right Click Context Menu [ Windows Explorer ]

While navigating in windows explorer folders, you may sometimes feel the need to navigate back to the previous folder from the current folder, but in order to do that either you will need to press the backspace key on the keyboard or press the navigate back button on the windows explorer.

But now there is 3rd way to navigate back to the previous folder, by adding a right click context menu entry named back clicking on which it will take you back to the previous folder as shown in the image below. This extension which adds this entry is called browser back.


As per the developer note, he created this extension to work with windows xp, but we just tested it on windows 7 32 bit, it worked without any issues, but not sure whether it will work with 64 bit windows 7, still you can test the same.

To Remove The Back Navigation Entry In Right Click Menu 

To uninstall, use the uninstaller or remove the extension from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Some files may be not be deleted if they are in use by Windows at the time of installation. If this is the case, Windows may needed to be restarted before the file(s) can be removed.

Download Browser Back

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  1. cHRIS oBORsKi says

    aWSOME This is friggin great now i can silently install with windows xp unattended setup too …Integrated into the shell is just what i was looking for. Thanks DUUUUUUD!

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