Gmail Tip – Send .Exe Executable & Other Blocked Files Types As Attachment

Today I will be telling you a smart method if you wish to send the .exe files through you mails. I know that Gmail does not allows us to send the .exe files through emails. Now, generally we go for using some of the free uploading sites to upload the same and then we share the link but then it might not be a very convincing method to share the executable files over the internet. So, here I am with some of the methods which will let you share the e-mail files over emails.


Whenever you will try to send an e-mail, attached with a .exe file then you will surely receive an error message, though if you will try to send the .exe in a RAR package then you will again receive an error message. Now here the problem arises that how can you send that file through Gmail, just follow the steps mentioned below and then you will be able to send .exe file.

  • You can encrypt the file in .7z form rather than RAR or ZIP form, but then you will have to make sure that the recipient should have that decryption tool else the file will become useless.
  • You can also upload the file to any other online sharing website and then after generating the link you can share the link with the help of the e-mail.
  • You can also try to change the extension of the file in its name, once you change it to any other format which can be shared through you e-mail, but then again do not forget to tell the recipient to change the extension again back to .exe so that it can be used then.

I hope that all of these methods will help you to do the needful. So, go on sharing this nice tutorial with your friends and then please let us know about your experience and your feedback, if you face any problem while performing this tutorial then please let us know as we might be able to help you. Moreover if you have got a better idea to perform the same task then please let us know by putting it in the comments section and if we found it genuine and better then we will share it with all the other readers on your behalf. Till then keep reading.

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