Gmail Tip – How To Mute, Stop Receiving Emails From an Email Id or Group

There are times when you don’t want to receive an email from a specific email id or want to unsubscribe a certain email conversation in such cases you might get frustrated to receive some useless mails from some user or group you are subscribed to. Gmail allows you to get rid of these useless conversations or mails from your inbox in simple 3 easy ways, today we are going to tell you all these 3 ways with which you can use.

The best way to stop receiving conversations mails in your inbox in which you are no more interested is to mute a conversation mail by opening the conversation mail and then select Mute conversation under more actions menu appears on the top for every mail as shown in the image below.


Another way to avoid certain mails reaching your is to create a filter in gmail that will filter out all emails like this which can skip these emails from inbox but you still will keep receiving mails as shown in the image below.


Or else in case you completely want to delete or ignore emails from a specific source you can report those mails as spam so that they gets collected in your spam folder and will get auto deleted from there as shown in the image below.


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