Gmail Record Voice Calls Feature Enabled

In my recent posts I mentioned about Google Documents on mobile, these Google is really concerned about Google Documents but simultaneously other services for Google is also equally important. Several faults were recovered in Google Docs and then a new feature was also implemented in the same. Now Google has introduced something new in Gmail and in this post I will be telling you about that new feature and will also tell you that how is it helpful to you.


You must have observed that Gmail is inheriting all the features which were launched for Gtalk and now when they have introduced the feature of calling from Gmail at a very nominal rate then all the features which were available in Gtalk (related to calling) are getting introduced in Gmail. In one of the new post I also mentioned about the tariff of the Google call rated on Gmail and there I mentioned that they were very nominal and now they have decided that Call Recording feature will also be introduced in Gmail.

As far as the usage of this feature is concerned then I will say that it is really important when you are using it to make some formal call and then you want to keep the record of the conversation happened between you and your client (or any other important person), then this feature will be of great use. Google has not made any announcement regarding it but users are discovering this feature in their account and that’s why we are here to let you know about it. I hope that who were extensively using the calling feature of Gmail might have missed this feature if Gtalk a lot but now you have it in your hands.

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