Gmail People Widget – How It Is Useful & How You Can Remove, Hide It

Gmail team has recently rolled out new feature called people widget which appears on the right sidebar when you open an email, you might see this new people widget which list the people who are involved in that email as shown in the image below.

How Gmail People Widget Is Useful

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So, with the people widget it becomes more easy to find the people involved in that email conversations, you can also find out the other most recent emails which you have received from these people, by selecting recent mail from option as shown in the image below.

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You can directly write a new email to these people, by clicking the blue colored email icon or setup up a calendar event by clicking the calendar icon.

6-29-2011 9-55-32 PM

Not only this you can do much more including doing a quick video chat or voice call to these people via gmail interface, all this seems really useful to me as I no longer need to click the show details to see the cc email ids in an email.

Now there might be some people who might not like gmail people widget for different reasons, they can follow the procedure below to remove or hide it from their gmail interface.

Hide, Remove Gmail People Widget From Gmail

1. Go to and sign in with your gmail username and password, and go to gmail settings option on the top right corner of the page.

6-30-2011 12-07-28 PM

Please note as this feature is rolled out in phases these days so you might not see this option of the people widget under gmail settings, in that case you should wait for 1-2 days to roll it onto your gmail account.

2. Under the general mail settings you can click the radio box option to show or hide people widget as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 12-22-36 PM

3. Click hide the people widgets and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click save changes button at the end of the page.

Conclusion - In our opinion there is nothing wrong about gmail people widget as it utilizes the waste spot where there were ads visible before in more effective way now.

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