Gmail New Mail Notifier – Works For More Than One Gmail Account

Scott’s Gmail Alert is a small useful application which lets configure and receive new email notifications from maximum 5 gmail accounts, we have previously written about some other gmail notifiers like Gmail Notifier For Windows 7 and how to Mail Alerts For Multiple Gmail Accounts

Here is screenshot how you can configure multiple gmail accounts [ max 5 accounts ], can also configure to get alerts for google calendar events and feeds. 


You can customise the look and feel of your fonts


Change the new mail check interval in the application, check for updates and can also setup proxy to check new mails  


Set up a sound for new mails alerts, calendar alerts and caps lock 


and customise lot more like color of the fonts, even create color rules to make certain email messages stand out, among other options. Besides checking your Gmail inbox for new email, Scott’s Gmail Alert also lets you send replies or create quick new messages from within the program – with support for attachments too.


Note: It Requires .NET Framework 3.5 and works on windows 7, vista and xp as tested.

Download Scott’s Gmail Alert


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