Gmail Is Down Due To Server Error – Read Your Mails Using iGoogle When Gmail Is Down

Gmail is down right now when I am writing this post, I cannot access the mails on gmail via as gmail is down for previous half an hour. Twitter is being overloaded with gmail is down tweets. There are hell lot of people tweeting about the gmail outage right now that after every second there are around 255 approx more results for the tweets containing text query gmail is down – looks like people have gone mad as they are not able to access their crucial mails.


But as suggested by some people on twitter you can access your mails in your gmail account via igoogle interface when gmail is down.

Here is how you can access your gmail mails with igoogle web interface

1. Open

2. Click the link on the right top corner of the page saying Add Stuff

3. Search gmail and add he official gmail gadget to igoogle home page and that’s it done. Now you will see and can read gmail mails on igoogle homepage ( as shown in the snapshots below )


and a opened mail in igoogle


You can click the images above to enlarge them.

Note: Some times igoogle may also give error while trying to read mails in your gmail account, but keep trying as it will get loaded on repeated trying. I hope this tip may help some people out there who need immediate access to mails in their gmail account.

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