Gmail Interface List Of New Changes Taking Place

As we all know and can see, there are many new features and changes being rolled out across all gmail users these days, gmail has got new themes, new people widget and more changes about which we will talk about in this post.

The new gmail themes features same color and design like the new interface of all new google search, with the same grey header and blue search button. All the text is very nicely spaced with bigger font size in gmail.

Even if you don’t enable the new themes, you’ll still see some subtle design changes: many links are now buttons (navigation links, “Back to message list”), the “Refresh” button uses a familiar icon, the “More actions” button changed the label to “More” and Gmail’s footer is much cleaner and the bar which have these buttons and other options sticks to the top of the screen and scroll down with your message as shown in the image below.


Very soon all these changes you see in gmail are reaching google calendar and other google tools as well, get ready for a new look on other google services.

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