Gmail Interface Getting Voice Call Recording Feature [Coming Soon]

You might have a scene a new option in your chat list which is always colored as Green and this option is named as ‘Call Phone’. Now this is a new feature which has been introduced recently for calling your friends via sitting on Gmail. You might have confused that with a new friend in your friend list, but then it is a new feature which has been introduced in your Gmail account. In this post I will be telling you about a new feature which is being tested and if found successful then it will be introduced in your Call Phone feature. This feature can be called as Recording and sooner or later it will be introduced in your account.


Now both of these features were available with GTalk but then you cannot hide yourself with GTalk, what I mean to say is that you cannot be invisible with that tool and now while using Gmail account you can chat with anyone on Gmail. The screenshot which has been shown above, specifies the presence of this feature. Let me tell you clearly that this feature is about to come so you will not find this feature in your account right now.

This feature was really important specially for the people who are using it commercially, there are many educational institutions who use this e-mail service professionally and if they want to keep the record of the conversation then this Recording option is really very important. I hope that you will definitely like this feature and will take advantage of it as we have already mentioned in one of my previous news article that the rates will also be very reasonable. I cannot comment much about the personal use but I know that it will be definitely helping the firms who are using it professionally.

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