Gmail Hacks and Tips [#Part 2] – Send Email From Gmail As Other Email ID In From Address

In our last post we mentioned about a tip related to ‘Label and Filters’, now today we will tell you more about another tip which will help you to send mails on behalf of any other e-mail id, in other words while sending any mail from your GMail account you can decide an e-mail ID which should be reflected as you e-mail ID to the recipient, ( it can be your Yahoo mail ID, HotMail ID, Rediffmail ID or any other). One of the other important tips has been mentioned here, explaining about the ways of Using Labels and Filters on your GMail Account.

Send mails on behalf of other e-mail IDs from your GMail account

Please follow the steps mentioned below to get this feature working on your GMail account:-

Again as mentioned in the previous tip, go the Settings section and then click the Accounts and Imports tab.


Now you will a section on that page as mentioned below in the screenshot. If you want to add any account then click the button which has been encircled in blue-circle.


A small window popup will appear (as mentioned below), you can edit the name and then add the e-mail address which is supposed to be added to your GMail account. You can also see an optional feature of providing a different reply-to address to that mail, now this feature can be used if you do not want the reply from the recipient to be received on your newly added e-mail inbox, for example you can change this address to GMail account address so that the reply goes back to your GMail account rather than that other account (on behalf of which this mail was sent.) Click Next Step button.


On the next windows (as mentioned below) you will confirm whether that main should be sent from GMail server or from the server of other e-mail ID. For example here in this screenshot, the other e-mail ID added by me belongs to, so here I am supposed to decide whether main should be sent from GMail server or Yahoo server. Click Next Step button.


In the next step, it will ask your confirmation to send a mail to that e-mail account so that the action taken by GMail will be confirmed or verified. Just click send verification and once you verify that e-mail account, it will be in the list of e-mails on your GMail settings page under Accounts and Import tab. Now click compose button and there you will see that ‘From:’ field of the mail will have a drop-down menu which will show that newly added e-mail id along with your default GMail account ID.


Now if you want to change the default e-mail address in the ‘From:’ field of your composed e-mail section, then you will have click the link ‘make default’ as highlighted under red-circle in the screenshot. If you want to edit the name of sender for that e-mail address, then click the link named ‘edit Info’. ‘Delete’ link will delete that e-mail address from your list and once you have deleted that e-mail ID you will have to a get it verified again.


Still more tips to important to come, keep on counting. Please let us know if you face any problem while performing any of these steps.

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