Gmail Got Person Widget In Right Sidebar In Place Of Ads [Make Sense]

Google is again after GMail and this time it has thought of introducing a very good feature, by using a space on the right hand side of the mails. By reading the title of the post you must have got an idea that Google has thought of introducing a widget which will help you to get in touch with the e-mail senders in a better way, as the post proceeds you get to know more about this new feature when you will take a look at some screenshots and content.


You must have observed that when you open a mail then on the right hand side, there is a list of advertisement, now Google has thought of utilizing it in a smart way. Now when you will open a mail in GMail, then all the users associated with that will be logged on that space, in other words you can take a look at their profile when you will be seeing their mails. Not only profile but you will also be able to initiate chat with a user or the whole group. You can see the example in the screenshot posted above this paragraph.


You will have all the options to initiate a meeting or a chat or a conference or see any of the shared documents between the sender and you or you can see any of the buzz or many more options which can be seen in the screenshot. This improvement will make GMail more corporate and thus more organized for the users. I really liked this as now I will not have to look at those ignorant advertisements anymore and now you have to make less clicks to interact with any of the mail senders. I hope that this piece of information was quite useful to you and so you will use this widget a soon as you can, if you found it useful then please share it with you friends and do put anything useful for us in the comments section.


  1. LadyLib says

    Hey, I found your blog through your helpful tips sheet for the Google Screen Capture extension, and I just wanted to say thanks and to commend you on your smart, neat, and clear summary + analysis in your posts.

    I particularly like how you give a general overview / descriptive summary of a new feature or offering that explains what the company has announced but also offers readers a ‘translation’ of the ‘marketingspeak’ of the press release/announcement post into terms a user would actually use to describe and think about what the new thing is.

    In that helpful introduction, and throughout the rest of the post, you thoughtfully include well-targeted images and links to content specifically relevant to this announcement, as well as to content that is similar, historically-, or contextually-related.

    Finally, without being too heavy handed, you share your own thoughts on the success of the debuted technology/tool/offering/service with regards to:

    * assessing it as a product in its current form, for stability, feature complete-ness, and good design/usability.

    * evaluating if the launch/announcement was a strategic or tactical win for the company, industry, or community, and, if appropriate, what this means for the competition?

    * analyzing how is it as a tool or service, does it meet an existing need in the market/potential user, and will it likely gain usage and adoption in the existing community and will its user base grow?

    * explaining how using it made you feel, your first impressions and interactions, and stumbling blocks.

    Then you conclude, and leave your readers with a hyperlinked set of next steps/download links/introductory materials which they can follow if they’d like to learn more.

    With so much tech news writing on the web, I often find many authors don’t seem even aware of all of the types of information, questions, and points of analysis that I’ve just described you really nailing in your writing. Rarer still is someone who can present it all clearly, and with thoughtful analysis that shows insight into the industry, and whose personal take on things is actually something I am interested in hearing about.

    This type of post is so useful to me, and I’m sure a ton of other people. I’m subscribing to your feed, and I look forward to you keeping me in the loop.

    Thank you for all your time and effort on this,
    J. LadyLib

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