Gmail Contact Manager Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail team has rolled out some great changes in the contact manager, now the all new contact manager in gmail becomes much more than listing contacts as it allows you to add more logical info with a contact like phone number, website url, address, and a photo also and you can also add extra notes to a contact as shown in the image below.


Here are some keyboard shortcuts for the new gmail contact manager


gthen i : Go to Inbox
g then s : Go to Starred conversations
g then t : Go to Sent messages
g then d : Go to Drafts
g then a : Go to All mail
g then c : Go to Contacts

Contacts list selection

* then a : Select all contacts
* then n : Deselect all contacts


u : Return to list of contacts
k / j : Next/previous contact
o or : Open contact


c : Compose
/ : Search
q : Focus chat contact search
? : Open shortcut help


x : Select contact
Esc : Escape from input field
e : Remove from current group
# : Delete contact
l : Change group membership
z : Undo last action
. : Open more actions menu

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