Glasser – Make FireFox Window Transparent

Recently One of the reader asked us whether, how can we make firefox windows transparent just like windows vista. I goggled for the same and found a cool free firefox addon called Glasser which makes firefox windows transparent after installation.


This extension requires windows vista, windows 7 with aero glass as the active visual style to be activated in order to function correctly. Make sure to deactivate window blinds if you have it installed on your computer.

It adds vista glass frame to the firefox toolbars, it will make the look and feel of firefox look like windows explorer, with simple tabs and without useless firefox controls and buttons.


Install Glasser Add On For Firefox


  1. dan wilson says

    This is all well and good, BUT I just got a splendid idea this evening! Why not make it where you can make EVERYTHING transparrent? Like make the window plus the webpage transparentm so that maybe it might be possible to watch stuff in the background while browsing? I don’t now how well that would go considering all the different ranges of colors all things can have, but it would be worth it to atleast give it a shot just once o.o

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