Getting Email Alerts From Subscribed Youtube Channels When They Upload a Video is Difficult Now

Youtube interface and design has changed a lot in terms of the look and feel and it looks like now much more confusing due to the integration of lot many options and features, the video page layout has been changed. Similarly there are some changes done to the functionality as well and now when you subscribe to a youtube video channel, you cannot opt to subscribe for the email updates unless you follow a specific step by step procedure. 


What Does It Mean When You Subscribe to Youtube Channel for Updates?

If you now click subscribe button to stay updated of the new videos, activity of the channel on youtube it does not firstly means that you will get email alerts and secondly you will need to visit youtube every day to know about any new videos uploads and other updates form the same channel.


How to Opt For Email Updates From a Youtube Video Channel

Now if you actually want to stay updated about any new video upload from the channel in real time, you need to opt for email updates for the subscribed channel, for this you will need to login in with your youtube account and follow the procedure below.

Go to my subscriptions once signed in


go to Manage subscriptions


Now select the channel from which you want email updates


This is how you can enable email updates for new videos uploads from your favorite channels.


  1. Barry says

    brilliant!!! I knew something had changed (stopped getting emails after one each day for months)


  2. DAOWAce says


    This is ridiculous.

    Finally subscribed to a new channel and had NO IDEA where to go to enable the e-mail option.

    Even still I’m finding things about the new Youtube layout that are absolutely atrocious.

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