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Yahoo Meme is new web service that has been recently launched based on the same format as twitter, although yahoo meme provide more options when it comes to memes, the page from where yahoo memes can be shared has the option to post text, audio, video and music etc. Like the when we post on twitter we call it a tweet and at yahoo meme when we post here we call it a meme.

The rule of following people applies here also, means that those people whose memes you would like to see in your yahoo meme timeline or in other words you can see what they post on own timeline if you follow them.


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Right now Yahoo meme is by invite only, So if you want an invite for yahoo meme. Leave a comment at the end of this post we would love to send you a free yahoo meme invite with which you can sign up and start posting on yahoo meme instantly. You can follow our memes [updates] at


  1. says

    i would like to get one, if u need my yahoo id it is itskrishnan – please use this only if necessary other wise use the email used to comment on this site


  2. tuadm says

    Please comment with a valid email id, I have sent invites to all above but your email id was not valid, sorry

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