Get Xp and Vista Style Network Connectivity and Activity Indicator In Windows 7

Windows 7 network activity and connectivity indicator in windows 7 is not that clear to get an idea about the connectivity and activity of the network specially for those who has just upgraded from windows xp and vista. So, if you want the get the Xp or some what Vista style network activity indicator in windows 7, you can use the freeware program called Network Activity Indicator.

Network Activity Indicator displays the old ‘two monitors’ icon in Windows 7 that flashed blue to show network activity on the System Tray.
Unlike the original Windows XP utility (that has individual indicators for each interface), this program indicates outgoing and incoming network packets on all available interfaces.


This program is nothing but a portable standalone executable, you just double click the executable and you will see a xp style of vista style network activity indicator depending on which version you have downloaded.

Once you run it, configure the program icon to show in taskbar, click the arrow icon in windows 7 system tray and click customize


Configure it show icons and notifications. 


click ok and you will see the new classic style network activity indicator in the system tray


This application has been just upgraded to show vista style network indicator also, so you can also download the vista style network indicator.

Download Xp Style Network Indicator | Vista Style Network Indicator

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