Get Windows 7 Windows Key + Up, Down, Right, Left Arrow Shortcuts Work In XP & Vista

If you take a look at the visual differences between Windows Vista and Windows 7, then you will find that they are not much different, rather sometimes it feels that why did they go for any other Operating System. Now most of the users who are not that sound about all the features of this new Operating System will definitely say so, but apart from appearance there are many things which can be improved in an Operating System. So, here in this post I will be telling one of the difference which you might not know about.

There are certain keyboard shortcuts which can be used to handle the windows on your computer and speed up your work, without getting jumbled among the windows on your desktop. The list of the shortcuts has been listed below:

  • Win’ + ‘Up’ Direction Key will maximize any of the restored window.
  • ‘Win’ + ‘Down’ Direction Key will resize the window and then if pressed consecutively again, it will minimize the window.
  • ‘Win’ + ‘Right’ Direction Key and ‘Win’ + ‘Left’ Direction Key will shift the resized video towards right and left of the computer screen.
  • ‘Win’ + ‘Space’ Key will show your desktop, it will not minimize any of the window, but as look as you kept the Spacebar key pressed, you will see through all the windows to the Desktop.
  • ‘Win’ + ‘Home’ Key will minimize all the windows, apart from the currently viewed window.


So, these are all the shortcuts which can be used to make your work faster on Windows 7. Now if you want to enjoy them on any of the older version of Windows like Windows XP or Windows Vista, then we will be telling you about a tool which will help you to enjoy these features easily on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

You can see the screenshot of the tool, now the functionalities have been mentioned in front of every field. You can write the name of the key followed by ‘#’ symbol, but do keep in mind that you should only right the correct names of the keys or else this tool will not work, You can also see this message on the application window.

The best part is that you can make these shortcuts to work according to your way, which is not possible in Windows 7 by default. The size of this tool is around 200 KB and it is portable. If you face any problem while using it then please let us know.

Download Windows_7_Shortcuts

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