Get Website Load, Open In Firefox Browser As You Type In Address Bar

We sometimes open a website just to have glance over it, like if you want to take a glance at the current score then you are supposed to open the whole page and then after just a glance you shift to another page as you have some other important work to do. In this post we will tell you a smarter way to do that, but the condition is that you must have the Mozilla Browser to work on, let us see that how it will work.


As you can see the screenshot of the Download Page for the Mozilla add-on, this add-on will help you to see the preview of the sites which are enlisted in the suggestions pages. When we start typing the link of that address then you will see a suggestion list for that site enlisted below the address bar, this suggestion list is create don the basis of the history of the site which have been opened on the system.


Now with the help of this add-on you will be able to see the preview of the sites which are available on the suggestion list, the selected site on that list will be previewed on the main window of that browser and once you take the complete view of that website, you can press escape to end that preview and then you can shift to any other page by entering the URL on that page.

You can download this add-on from the link mentioned below and once downloaded you will have to restart the browser, and then you will be able to work with it. Now with the help of that add-no, you can take a glance at the score or the weather reports or any other information without even going to that webpage. Please do put your comments if you face any issue while using this add-on and let me tell you that we have tested this add-on the Mozilla 4.0.1.

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